When repainting the trim around your windows, the railing on your front steps, or your garage door, you must match the original color used by the developer when your home was built. Homes in the Potomac Pointe community must use one of two trim colors. If the trim on your home is a darker yellow color, use McCormick Tradewinds. If the trim on your home is a lighter yellow, use McCormick Seashell.

For a community map that shows the trim colors used on each home in Potomac Pointe, please click here.

Both colors are available at the McCormick Paints store at 116 East Diamond Street in Rockville.

If you install a screen or storm door, the color of the door frame must exactly match your trim, i.e., either McCormick Tradewinds or McCormick Seashell.

There are two types of paint available at the McCormick store appropriate for the exterior of your home: State House and Interlock. Both are latex water-based paints. State House has been on the market for a number of years. Interlock is a newer, higher-quality (and more expensive) product. McCormick recommends Interlock for exterior wood and metal, i.e., garage doors, front railings, and screen or storm doors. For best results, you should carefully clean and sand all surfaces prior to painting and use a quality paint brush.

As a matter of policy, the Potomac Pointe Homeowner's Association does not endorse any product, manufacturer, contractor, or vendor.