Parking on Your Own Property

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Services has advised our Board of Directors that the local Fire Safety Code "requires that a clear roadway (fire lane) at least 20 feet wide be maintained to provide access for fire and rescue vehicles.” Since Treble Court is only about 20 feet wide, a parked car that protrudes on to the road reduces access to less than the required width. All residents are responsible for making sure that emergency vehicles are not obstructed by vehicles parked on Treble Court, and the Homeowner Association has contracted with a towing company to remove any cars found parked on the Treble Court roadway. This means that none of the tires of your car(s) should be on the blacktop portion of Treble Court. The cost to recover your car if it is towed is about $130.

In addition, Section 4 of the community by-laws specifies that "All owners shall park their automobiles or other vehicles within such owner’s garage or on such owner’s driveway."

Parking in the Community Parking Lots

Parking has always been an issue for the Potomac Pointe community. Our homes have enough garage and driveway space for at most two cars; however, many residents own more than two cars and regularly use the community parking lots that are primarily intended for visitors. As a result, the parking lots are often full.

The following guidelines apply to all vehicles belonging to both Potomac Pointe residents and their guests:

  • Do not park in the community parking lots on a regular basis.

  • Do not park in a community parking lot if there is space in your driveway. This does not mean that it is acceptable to park in the community parking lots simply because a household has more resident vehicles than will fit in their driveway and garage.

  • AVOID leaving a vehicle in a community parking lot for more than 24 hours at a time.

  • NEVER leave a vehicle in a community parking lot for more than 48 hours at a time.

  • No household is entitled to more use of the community parking lots than any other household.

  • Exercise good judgment and be fair.

  • Park vehicles straight and try to leave enough space for other cars in the community parking lots.

  • Report any problems, including abuse of these guidelines, to a Board member.