Trash and recycling containers must be stored out of view until the late afternoon or evening before trash or recycling collection days. If containers can be seen from the street, they are not out of view.

Collection Schedules

Trash collection is every Tuesday and Friday morning and is handled by a private vendor. Trash pick-up usually happens the next day if scheduled on a major holiday, e.g., July 4, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, etc.

Recycling and yard waste collection is every Wednesday morning and is handled by Montgomery County. Collection will be on Thursday (or sometimes even later) if any of these holidays falls on a Wednesday:

  • New Year's Day

  • Martin Luther King, Jr., Day

  • Memorial Day

  • Independence Day

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Christmas Day

Recycling Guidelines

Montgomery County wants all recyclables put in the blue recycle bin(s) issued to each home, and plastics and glass MUST be separated from paper recyclables. Please do NOT recycle plastic bags or plastic wrap, which can clog up the recycling machines. (For more information on Montgomery County's recycling programs, including how to request a new recycle bin(s), click here.)

Yard waste MUST be put in large paper bags specially designed for this purpose, or in reuseable containers labeled with a yard trim decal. Yard waste bags are sold at most grocery and home supply stores, and you can order yard trim decals here.

Household & Yard Waste Guidelines

Please do not dispose of household or yard waste in the common areas. Violators will be required to cover removal costs and may be fined.

The Treble Court "common areas" include the land, road, and structures owned jointly by the community, i.e., the grassy spaces around our homes, the courtyard area, the playground, the street, and the small hills or berms surrounding the community.

Every spring the community spends a lot of money removing trash, branches, leaves, and other debris from our community's common areas. Some of this waste accumulates naturally over the winter, but unfortunately a good deal of it is dumped there by residents and in some cases by non-residents. If you observe anyone disposing of trash or other waste in the common areas of Treble Court, please contact a Homeowner's Association Board member directly or email Summit Management at