Organize Seasonal Community Events

In past years, Potomac Pointe residents have organized community picnics or potluck get-togethers at the playground to celebrate events like Halloween or the end of the school year. If you're interested in organizing such an event, please contact one of the Board members, or email

Engage on Local Development Issues

Potomac Pointe borders a number of properties that could be developed as part of the Great Seneca Science Corridor Master Plan. (These properties include Belward Farm; the previous site of Montgomery County’s Public Safety Training Academy; and areas around both Shady Grove Adventist Hospital and the Universities at Shady Grove.) There is particular opposition to developing Belward Farm, and this April 13, 2021, op-ed offers the perspective of the family that owned the farm for over 100 years.

JUNE 3, 2021: On June 3, at 9:00 a.m., the Montgomery County Planning Board will conduct a virtual public hearing on a proposed "minor amendment" to the Great Seneca Science Corridor Master Plan. A local group working to curb development says the amendment would increase density on Belward Farm and elsewhere beyond the amount allowed under the Master Plan's current staging requirements, despite the fact that those requirements were intended to control density and overcrowded roads. In addition, a major overhaul of the Master Plan is already planned for 2022. See for updates on the public hearing or to sign up to testify.

SEPTEMBER 2, 2021: On September 22, MoCo's Planning Board will hold a public hearing on Johns Hopkins University's plan to build a new medical building and surgery center at the intersection of Key West and Darnestown. The new development will be on 11.2 acres to the right of the historic Belward Farm house , with a proposed site area 26,200 square feet in size and 71 feet in height. You can access the current site plan here. More information about this proposed development is also available from the MoCo Planning Board's Development Activity Information Center. (Enter Plan # 820210120 in the search field.)

To keep informed on Belward Farm and other development projects proposed as part of the Great Seneca Science Corridor Master Plan, including the Great Seneca Transit Network (formerly known as the Corridor Cities Transitway, visit Scale-It-Back, or follow Sensible CCT at These organizations recently merged and are now working together to ensure that future growth in the areas surrounding Potomac Pointe is carefully managed to prevent unacceptable levels of traffic congestion, pressure to build on ever-decreasing green spaces, and the degradation of existing communities and streams.