The Potomac Pointe Homeowner’s Association is committed to retaining as many trees in the neighborhood as possible and seeks to prevent the unnecessary removal of trees by individual homeowners.

As such, any tree on private property that needs to be removed because of issues such as disease, damage, size, or interference with utilities must be replaced with another tree unless a special exception is granted in writing by the Homeowner's Association.

In all cases, the HOA must first be notified by the property owner of their intent to remove any tree on private property. The homeowner must submit a completed Architectural Change Application Form and must receive prior approval from the HOA before the removal or replacement of any trees.

Click here for the Architectural Change Application Form.

Front-Yard Tree Replacement

Replacement trees for the primary front-yard tree may only be chosen from the tree choices approved by the Homeowner's Association, which are limited to the specific varieties of Dogwood, Cherry, or Maple trees listed below:

  • Kousa Dogwood tree

  • Kwanzan Cherry tree

  • Japanese Maple (Bloodgood type) tree

An exception may be granted if the HOA determines that the existing tree is located in the front lawn bordering the street and that the lawn (not including brick, block, stone and/or other landscaping features that take up space in the front lawn) is in fact too small to support the insertion of another tree and/or because lines placed in the ground by utilities would prevent the implantation of another tree.

If the HOA determines that an exception should apply, then the homeowner must submit a proposed landscaping alternative, using the Architectural Change Application Form. This landscaping alternative must be submitted in detail, and the HOA must approve the plan before any tree is removed.

Replacement of Other Trees

Trees on private property other than the primary front-yard tree may be replaced, if approved, with a tree type other than one of the three approved tree choices listed above. Homeowners must submit details about the desired replacement tree type on an Architectural Change Application Form and receive approval from the Homeowner's Association before any tree on their property is removed.