Treble Court residents should use one of seven specific colors that have been approved for repainting any doors and shutters in the community. In addition, residents should keep the colors of their front doors the same as they were originally!

The seven approved color options come from Builders Edge, who were the original shutter manufacturers, and the original door colors were matched to these shutter colors. McCormick Paints makes exact matches to the original Builders Edge shutter colors, which are called the "Mid-America" colors.

Residents do not have to buy paint from McCormick; however, if you buy paint from another vendor such as Home Depot or Lowes, you must have them mix an exact match to the McCormick Mid-America colors listed below and not simply pick a color that looks similar.

McCormick's Mid-America paint color names and codes are shown below, and the seven approved colors are Wedgewood Blue, Light Grey, Tuxedo Grey, Forest Green, Midnight Blue, Bordeaux, and Moss.

Please click here for a file showing the approved McCormick colors for doors and shutters. (As always, colors may appear differently on different computer monitors!)

As a matter of policy, the Potomac Pointe Homeowner's Association does not endorse any product, manufacturer, contractor, or vendor.