The Board-approved policy regarding decks within the Potomac Pointe community is outlined below.

The Board urges homeowners to study the Montgomery County guidelines on deck building and to ensure compliance with all County buildings codes. See

The size of replacement decks should match the original footprint. If deck size is being changed, detailed drawings must be provided in the Architectural Change Application, along with a Montgomery County building permit.

Stairs from decks to ground level are not permitted.

Privacy partitions/screens or porch-style enclosed spaces are not permitted.

Decking can be either composite or wood and should use material with standard 5/4" x 6" nominal dimensions. If composite decking is used, manufacturers generally recommend joist spacings of less than 12 inches.

Railing can be composite, wood, or aluminum. The approved railing style is straight 2" x 2" balusters, and the spacing between balusters should not exceed 4 inches.

Center-to-center spacing on railing posts should not exceed 6 feet. Railing posts should be 4"x4" and should not be notched at the joist connection.  The railing posts should be attached to the rim joist with 1/2" hex bolts; carriage / countersunk / lag bolts are not permitted.  Bridging between the joints behind the post connection is recommended.  The railing posts may be finished either flush with the horizontal railing or capped with decorative trim.

Fascia boards should be 9" to 12" wide so that they cover the rim joist with an overlap of at least 1 inch.

Paint colors for decking, railing, and fascia should be an earth tone.